Dream Muscle Athlete Sponsorship Info
We sponsor athletes who embrace the entire athletic experience—training, business, and community involvement—and want to share it with others. After all, since so much more time is spent preparing to compete than actually competing it only makes sense to enjoy the entire process, and not just focus on yourself and the finish line.

Beyond competition, TEAM DREAM MUSCLE members represent the values of Dream Muscle Worldwide & Dream Muscle Gym— they're approachable, humble & friendly. Our athletes are ambassadors for their sports, active in their communities, and try to leave a large footprint that they can to protect in the world. 

TEAM DREAM MUSCLE tends to see very little turnover each season, so we're only able to offer sponsorship to a small number of new athletes each year. If you are a competitive powerlifter, sports athlete, bodybuilder, mixed martial arts, or fitness model and feel you have the goods to become part of TEAM DREAM MUSCLE, shoot us a email:  TDM Athlete Application
Do you have an athlete sponsorship application form?
YES, please click here. Please note that we are not currently reviewing proposals from athletes competing in sports beyond those listed above.
I am not a top ranked professional athlete, should I still apply?
Definitely! TEAM DREAM MUSCLE is proud to sponsor both professional and amateur athletes alike. While competitive results tell part of the story, we feel there are many other qualities that make sponsored athletes great ambassadors for their sports and their sponsors.
What does sponsorship consist of?
There are various sponsorship packages awarded depending upon the athlete/team. All sponsorship's are for one year and are structured around the calendar year.
When is the best time to apply? 
We review athlete sponsorship proposals on an as-needed basis. Since sponsorship's are structured around a calendar year, fall is generally the best time to apply.
Do you sponsor international athletes?
Not at this point. 

I am currently sponsored or previously sponsored by TEAM DREAM MUSCLE. Do I need to reapply? 
We cannot guarantee sponsorship beyond the one-year time frame of your current agreement, but odds are someone from the TEAM DREAM MUSCLE program will be in touch regarding future sponsorship opportunities before the start of the coming season.
I have a question that is not answered in this list. What should I do? 
You can email us CLICK HERE. We try our best to get back to everyone, but let’s face it: we receive a lot of questions. It might take us a while, but we will get back to you.